Allison Matthews

Allison ‘Allie’ Matthews

Office Manager

Allison Matthews, the Office Manager at Whole Child Collective, plays a crucial role in ensuring a seamless experience for families throughout their treatment journey. As the primary liaison, she addresses any queries related to invoicing or Superbills, providing valuable assistance.

Before joining Whole Child Collective, Allie accumulated almost two decades of experience, starting her career at Therapy Solutions for Kids in 2004. Prior to that, she spent five years in the Multnomah County Early Intervention program (MECP/PEIP), developing expertise in billing, organization, office management, and community resources.

Allie’s commitment extends beyond her professional life. She cherishes quality time with her children and nurtures her interests in gardening, photography, and outdoor activities.

Working from her home office in Washington (WA), Allie remains accessible to patients and their families during regular business hours from Monday through Friday until noon. Her dedication to providing support and fostering a positive experience reflects in her seamless coordination from initial interactions to the completion of treatment.

In her multifaceted career, Allie continues to draw on her extensive background to enhance the overall efficiency of Whole Child Collective. With a rich history of service in related fields, she contributes valuable skills and knowledge, ensuring the smooth functioning of the practice and enriching the lives of those it serves.

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