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Whole Child Collective was established to bring individualized, comprehensive, and evidence-based services to children and teens while helping educate the local community. By partnering with physicians, educators, and specialists in the community, we provide gold standard care while increasing accessibility for local services.

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The team at Whole Child Collective offers upbeat, positive
services while utilizing evidence-based intervention.

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What people say about us.

“I am Denise Gonzalez, Principal at St. Francis Catholic School in Sherwood, Oregon. I have had the ultimate privilege of working collaboratively with Dr. Doty for the last seven years. I met Dr. Doty after receiving her evaluation of a student of mine in a previous Catholic school. I was so impressed by her thorough comprehensive report that I contacted her to follow up on this specific student. Her knowledge of the cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and developmental needs of children and families is critical to the development of the whole child. Dr. Doty is true to her mission “Positive-Focused-Comprehensive.” She has worked in-depth with schools, teachers, parents, and other professionals in understanding students’ evaluations and recommendations. Dr. Doty works compassionately with children and families. I look forward to many more years entrusting her in assisting students reaching their ultimate best.”

Denise Gonzalez

“Dr. Erika Doty is my go to resource for thorough evaluations for children and teens in my school. I have worked with her regularly for many years and I have never been disappointed. Our students and their families feel supported, understood and ready to go with an action plan that makes my job easier to give them what they need. Dr. Doty continues to be a shining star in her field. I have yet to experience someone else with her unique skill set, amicable personality, and ease of connecting with parents and their children and teens."

Administrator at private, Catholic school

"Dr. Doty has consistently provided insightful high-quality reports to our families in a timely manner that easily meet the requirements for school accommodations, standardized testing and college. More than that, however, the warmth and positivity of the process is what students and families cherish. Students come away from their evaluation experience feeling enlightened and empowered, ahead of the game when it comes to understanding who they are as a learner and how they can find school success. Dr. Doty and her team are exceptional in both their professionalism and their humanity."

Learning specialist at a Catholic High School with 25 years experience

"Dr. Erika Doty is someone parents and teens can relate to so well! I enjoy referring my patients to her for evaluations as patients tell me she has helped them in such a positive way. She takes the extra time to explain their strengths, and one patient recently shared that she thought it was ‘tons of fun’ seeing her and asked when she can go back! Dr. Doty puts clinical concepts in everyday language for both pediatricians and parents. We appreciate her comprehensive, easy to understand reports and look forward to continued work with Dr. Doty and her amazing team."

Local pediatrician

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